How to cook the perfect steak

February 5, 2019
Perfect steak

Everyone (especially men) seems to have their own special method to cook a steak. This is the method my Dad taught me (which he learnt when attending a talk on Dexter farming which is one of his hobbies) and I swear by it.

It makes the steak rare but not bloody and is fail-safe to get right everytime. The key is to begin nearly an hour before you want to eat.

It also gives you plenty of time to prep all your other bits an bobs and makes cooking stead for lots of people easier. 


2 x Steak


  1. Season your steak with salt and pepper.
  2. Heat your pan to a medium – high heat (I normally go about 6 out of 9)
  3. Cut the fat off your steak and melt some of this fat in your pan to cook the steak in.
  4. Add your steak and cook on each side for about 4 minutes (assuming your steak is about 1 inch thick). If it is fatter or thinner cook for more or less time.
  5. Once cooked, leave to rest for 30-40 minutes. This is a key stage as it means your steak reabsorbs the blood so it is moist but not bloody when you cut it.
  6. Put your pan on a medium hot heat (7 out of 9) and cook for 45 seconds on each size. At this stage you are just warming the steak through, it is already cooked.
  7. Serve your steak as you like. I like to cut into pieces and put on a sharing plate in the middle of the table but it’s totally understandable to want your whole steak to yourself!!

Serve with skinny chips, mustard, ketchup and a green salad.

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