10 things you’ll see at a wedding this year

May 16, 2018
  1. Your invitation will come complete with a social media policy and hash tags #MarrisYorkGetsMarried #WallceSmithDelandyGetsWed
  2. A wedding video is old news, if you’re even semi serious about your social media presence you need a view from above. At least one wedding you go to will have drone photography making it impossible for you to ensure you’re not snapped with a mouthful of canapé.
  3. Of course you’ll hear Captain Corelli’s Mandolin a gazillion times by people who’ve never read the book, but you’ll also get kids stories. Think Winnie the Pooh and Edward Monkton a lovely love story.
  4. Traditional confetti is so, well, traditional. This year you’ll see bubbles, butterflies and paper planes.
  5. No wedding of 2018 will be complete without the obligatory craft gin tutuk, probably containing an boutique gin that the couple made themselves and claim is set to be the next Sipsmiths.
  6. Original table names. Couples will find a way to sneak in their favorite books or TV shows, think Harry Potter / Game of Thrones / Star Wars / insert as appropriate obsession into their seating plan. You know your out of favour with the Bride when your placed on Voldemort’s table.
  7. Bride speeches. Now Meghan Markle has done one, every Bride will want one. Prepare for more thank yous than you saw at the Baftas. We pity the person who has to drink every time ‘thank you’ or ‘I never thought I’d be so lucky’ is uttered.
  8. More dress changes from the bride than you see at London Fashion Week. One dress is no longer enough.
  9. A cumpolsory tier of the cake will be gluten, dairy and probably sugar free for all the problem children guests. If you’re lucky you might also have a ‘groom’ cake. An additional side cake, not the main cake, themed around the grooms favourite hobby that allows him to feel like he’s had input into the wedding without actually giving away any of the brides control.
  10. The friend who has been a complete control freak and bridezilla throughout her engagement will have a photo booth to show everyone what a relaxed and fun bride she is that she can put a wig on and pull a face whilst wearing a wedding dress. Just remember, NO posting pictures until 24 hours after the wedding and only ‘white’ drinks allowed on the dance floor.


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