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Bolognese baked eggs

August 31, 2018

I know what you’re thinking, spag bol is a classic. Who would be so stupid as to try and change it? I hear you. But we’ve all been there when we’ve greedily eaten too much spag bol the night before (because it is so bloody good) and there’s some bolognese sauce left the next day, but not enough to make a good spaghetti.

Enter bolognese baked eggs.

Possibly the ultimate brinner combo (breakfast at dinner). After all what better comfort food is there than bolognese and what is more of a breakfast superhero than eggs?

Serves one


Leftover bolognese (you’ll need about 3 spoonfuls)

1 x egg

1 x piece of rye bread (or your bread of choice)

Parmesan (or cheddar)

Chilli flakes (optional)


Put your sauce in the pan and add a spoonful of water. Heat your sauce in a small pan for 5 minutes on a medium heat. Make a hole in the middle of the sauce by pushing the sauce outwards towards the edges.

Crack your egg in and put a lid on the pan. Cook for 5 minutes or until the egg white has gone hard (this takes slightly longer than a poached egg).

Bolognese baked eggs

Meanwhile, put your toast on and grate your cheese.

Butter your toast and spoon your egg and bolognese sauce onto your toast. Sprinkle with cheese or chili flakes, or both.

Enjoy. Quick, easy, filling and delicious!


If you like eggs, why not try Green goddess pancakes for brunch?

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