Luscious Layers

November 9, 2018
Luscious layers

It’s undeniably getting colder outside and we are cranking up the heating inside. I seem to spend my time going between freezing (stepping outside in the morning), overheating (the tube), freezing again (getting out the tube) and then boiling once more (stepping into the office). Mid-morning some man then puts the aircon on and I am once again freezing. Seriously, it is November, is it not time to ban the aircon?

This means there is only one way to survive and that is wearing layers!

How to wear layers

  1. If in doubt stick to a similar colour pallet. Neutrals always work well and you can always then add a splash of colour with jewellery or a scary.
  2. Use different length items to create layers. If you wear all items of the same length on top of each other you’ll end up looking bulky in that place, different length items are key.
  3. Make sure your outfit works both as a whole and when you’ve stripped off a couple of layers.

Outfit: Coat – Reserved, T-shirt – H&M, Gillet (fake) – Market, Jeans – Zara, Boots – Oasis, Bag – Hong Kong market

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