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June 19, 2018

Our favourite restaurants (that we tried), but there was SO much good food it is hard to pick!

Top tip: drink spirits and beer over wine to save a penny or two

The Cliff Beach Bar

A newer edition next to The Cliff which has long been a firm favourite with visitors to Barbados for the stunning views and exquisite menu. The Cliff beach bar is its newer, younger and we thought rather cooler sibling. It’s still got the same great views as The Cliff with the feeling that you are eating out at sea (at one point we even had to turn inward and face the wall as we started to feel seasick from the waves) but has a much more relaxed vibe.

Set over four tiers, the theme is around the world in 80 days which is playing in the toilets and the artefacts around the restaurant come from all over. Look over the side of the restaurant and you’ll see manta rays swimming below. On Saturday evening and Sunday lunch, there is live music and the sunset from the bar before dinner is well worth visiting.

There’s also a little boutique clothes store selling beautiful patterned and sequinned maxi dresses and tassel earrings run by the lovely Rebecca (who also do fashion shows at Nikki Beach).

We loved the menu which had everything from market fish to lobster risotto. I had Barrcuda with black rice, an avocado and citrus salad and grilled asparagus. For pudding, we had their Rum cake with cinnamon ice cream in a brandy snap basket (so good) and their chocolate log.

Writing this on the plane home having just had British Airways chicken and mushroom rice, not one of their best, I can feel my stomach rumbling with longing for The Cliff Beach Bar. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting who wants somewhere really special but chilled for dinner, it is the restaurant I would rush back too.


The fish pot

We felt very lucky to have this on our doorstep for a week as we wanted to try everything and pretty much did. It reminded me a little of The Crab Shack on Tresco The Sicily Ilses. Its unpretentious nature made it feel very special.

Every mealtime it was full so book ahead for a sea view. We loved the scrambled eggs with black beans for breakfast or the spinach fritters with friend banana for a sweet start to the day. The Thai fish cakes and lobster spaghetti are a must at lunch, and although not local, the two-way salmon was delicious for dinner (as was the tuna and the blackened chicken). In fact, everything was good and I want their blackening recipe… For dessert try the fruit tart or one of the strawberry coconut cream rum cocktails are delicious to finish with!


Lone Star

This is a great lunch spot. Right on the beach, the white interiors are set against stunning photography and music booms, this is the ultimate casual cool restaurant. Expect classic Barbados fish dishes alongside burgers and fries. Great cocktails, beer and wine – enjoy the cool sea breeze and while away the hours.

After lunch, if you’re not too sizzled, go for a long walk down the platinum coast.

Lone Star Barbados

Little Bristol Beach Bar

Based in Speightown and called Little Bristol because it used to be the point for exporting sugar to Bristol. Sit on picnic tables and enjoy a view overlooking the pier whilst you munch on fish wraps or burgers. Unpretentious and relaxed, this is a great spot to enjoy a beer and great food.



A new, smart edition to Speightown and one of the few fine dining options. The steel structure creates a stark, modern contrast to the sea and sat out underneath the stars is a unique dining experience right on the waters’ edge. The setting is wonderful.

Food was slightly cheaper than fine dining further down the platinum coast and whilst all the food was good, nothing stood out. Go for the surroundings, a cocktail and friendly staff but don’t expect to be blown away by the food.


Oistieins Fish Fry

Down to the south of Bridgetown this is a great spot for a Friday night dinner, drink and even a dance! Casual dining, you need to get there early to avoid the big queues. There are loads of stalls selling grilled or fried fish, choose any of the popular ones!

Oistieins Fish Fry Barbados


Others that we didn’t get a chance to try but were highly recommended to us were Tides and The Cliff for fine dining, Cat Fish for great fish and ceviche.


What are your top restaurant recommendations? If you are visiting Barbados, check out my review of Little Good Harbour Spa, Barbados.

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